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Please refer to the Exhibitor's Handbook for the current Klein ISD Livestock and Project Show year for answers to the following questions. 

Purchasing Animals:

What is the date of animal purchase?

Page 2, Important Dates 


Does paperwork & payment have to be submitted the same day?

Yes, the student must turn in the W-9/Media Release/Show Rules form, Project Entry Form, and payment at the same time.


What forms or payment are accepted?

Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Credit Card

Animal Selection:

What is the date, location, and time of animal selection?

Page 2, Important Dates 

How is the order of selection determined?

Page 8, Rule F- Group Purchasing

May parents or guardians be a part of the selection process?

Page 8, Rule K- Group Purchasing


How are animals transported from the Klein Multi-Purpose Center?

If the animal is being raised at a Klein ISD Agriscience Project Center, the AST will transport the animal. If the animal is being raised at another location it will be the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to have the animal transported.


Selling of Projects:

What is the difference between Auction and Tent Sale?

Page 11-12, Tent Sale and Auction Rules

What is an Add-On?

A financial donation made to the exhibitor.


Where do I submit add-ons or auction payments?

Klein ISD Livestock & Project Show

PO Box 12057

Spring, TX 77391-2057

How does the student receive their show check after the sale?

Page 5, Rule 23

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